A master suite by Gisele Taranto

Posted on Thu, 14 Jan 2016 by KiM

This master suite is what Gisele Taranto came up with for Casa Cor 2013. The space was designed for a couple who value intimacy and privacy, and is therefore TV-less! It brings together the indoors and outdoors with floor to ceiling glass dorrs between the bedroom and terrace, and a skylight above the shower area. This is a dreamy bedroom suite, whose bathroom alone is larger than my bedroom. *sigh* (More of Gisele’s work can be found here and here)

Axie says:

Those ceiling lights in the bedroom! Brilliant!

Blanders says:

The ceiling lights are clever, I grant you… but I absolutely hate them. There's too many of them, their placement is too random, and they spoil the elegance of an otherwise lovely room.

They would work better as sconces on a feature wall.

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