Chalet Vieux Valet Verbier

Posted on Tue, 2 Feb 2016 by KiM

Last week marked 9 years of this blog’s existence. It has been a long yet very fun 9 years I have to admit, but after all the hours upon hours upon HOURS of blog research it seems to take alot to REALLY get me excited about a home these days. While getting this post ready, I was so damn excited about it I wanted to crank my tunes, jump up and dance on my desk. This chalet designed by Marianne Tiegen is going on my list of top 5 favourite homes I have ever featured. It is a truly magical blend of rustic, industrial and mid-century styles….all the best rolled into one.

Axie says:

I forgot to add- Happy Anniversary, Kim and Jo! And thank you both for the beautiful inspiration every day!

KiM says:

Thanks everyone! And OOPS – sorry for scaring some of you

ombia says:


d of dogland says:

Whoa…9 years?! Happy Anniversary. I must have found you at your inception. Back in the day, I read a blog called DesignPorn. DTI was on the blogroll. I checked you out back then and have been coming back ever since.
DTI is one of very few blogs I've stuck with for that length of time. Hell, almost a decade! Thanks for making me feel old.

Happy Anniversary Kim and Jo!!!

Teez says:

Wow 9 years! Which makes me a loyal a follower for only one third of its life! I beseech you Kim and Jo, please don't ever ever ever stop blogging and providing us with a daily morning dose of happiness. Thank you so much.

KiM says:

Thanks ombia, d of dogland and Teez!

great space!! do you happen to know, where the mirror behind the office-desk is from? I am looking for that kind of mirror such a long time.
Anybody has an idea?

Suzanne Melton says:

@InTheAttic: it looks to me like they took some OLD mirrors and hung them together or they took some NEW mirrors and aged them.

I googled [how to age a mirror] and found many suggestions:…0l5.………..0.ivVCTC-EUDI

@SuzanneMelton thank you very much! I think you are right, they aged the mirrors and put it in a frame together. Also the black dots are great, which looks just right for it. I think I found my next DIY project. Big thanks for the help, didn´t know about aging mirrors, until now…

Suzanne Melton says:

@InTheAttic: Always happy to help someone add EVEN MORE projects to their list.

…and this one seems to be fairly inexpensive, as opposed to buying retail.

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