Reader’s home: pegboard is underrated

Posted on Wed, 3 Feb 2016 by KiM

We received this email the other day from Hannah:One of my favorite features has been the opportunity to see how other people around the world live (and work) in their homes, and I would love to submit my husband’s live/work space in New York’s Lower East Side neighborhood for your consideration to share with your readers! We recently got married last month in December, and he will be at his space until he moves in with me in the beginning of March (ah, New York City romances!). It’s a 550-square-foot apartment with “2 bedrooms” (both bedrooms are windowless) that he lives in by himself and also uses as a full-time office. There’s one closet – in the living room – for the entire apartment. Matt has always had a modern, minimalist style, but this apartment truly pushed him to come up with creative, innovative solutions to maintain his hyper-organized, decluttered lifestyle. When his lease ends and he moves into my 2-bedroom apartment in a little over a month, we plan to put up pegboards and I can’t wait to see what happens 🙂 If anyone was uncertain of the usefulness of pegboard, then this post is for you. What a great way to deal with a serious lack of storage space, while keeping everything off the floor and close at hand. More details of Matt’s home is here and his recent pegboard collection here. (HUH??? ONE CLOSET… in the living room?!)

Axie says:

Pegboard is a good idea especially if you're renting and need to keep the walls fairly hole free. And it looks like you can hang almost anything! In my world, I would probably paint the boards- solid or get creative- wallpaper, painted designs, framing etc. I do love that huge sofa, too! Thanks for sharing, Hannah

ombia says:

This man is so tidy and organized. Respect.

Lorena says:

Practical but not very attractive. I'd love to see someone take on the design challenge of giving something like this more visual appeal. Otherwise, I would agree, good for a rental.

x says:

Peg board above a toilet. For me it would end in tears.Or I would always be on tender hooks waiting for the worst. My hat goes off to the person who can by pass the anxiety or indeed may not feel that anxiety. How free that must feel.

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