Maison nordique-boréale

Posted on Fri, 5 Feb 2016 by KiM

Because my trip to Mexico is not for another 3 weeks. Because I hate winter more than anything else. Because I love featuring talented Canadians. This cabin in the woods in Sainte-Adèle, Québec was designed by Appareil Architecture and is a great distraction from the current weather here in Ottawa. This home is exactly what bringing the outside in is all about. A cabin that is simple and warm and functional. What a little dreamy oasis in the country. 

interior design: Julie Raymond – homeowner, landscaping+design: Fanie Quenneville, Véronique Genest, photos: Mathieu Laverdière

Nathalie says:

Wow! It's not too far from where I live. Love this communion with nature. Thank you for sharing it!

Jono says:

In the last pic… what is the middle tap for???

Jono says:

Sorry, second to last

KiM says:

Good question Jono! Lukewarm? 😉
@Nathalie – !!!

midcenturyjo says:

It's the valve to direct the water into the shower or down to the tap and hose I'm thinking.

loulou ste-adele says:

Right in my neck of the woods. I hope she does not regret the big petasite plants…. they are quite vigorous! As for me, the most precious plants I have are the wild small strawberries. Nice house.

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