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Stacy Bass – Gardens at First Light

Posted on Sun, 21 Feb 2016 by KiM

Books are something I constantly crave. I especially love books that have me dreaming of climates much unlike those here in Ottawa right now. I am SO OVER WINTER and counting down the days to my trip south, so this book could not have come into my possession at a better time. Gardens at First Light by talented photographer Stacy Bass (with words by Judy Ostrow and published by athome Books) is a beautiful coffee table worthy book that gives you a glimpse into some of the most stunning private gardens you will ever see. Stacy is an extraordinary nature photographer (among other genres as you will see tomorrow) who uses early morning light in such striking ways to create enchanting scenic photos. I could go on and on with more adjectives, but I will let this small sample of photos from the book show you – but I bet you’ll start getting that gardening itch before the end of the post! Get yourself a copy via Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Claire Brody

Posted on Fri, 19 Feb 2016 by KiM

I was in need of a little pick me up today. It is chaos at my house while we are in the middle of getting the tile in our kitchen and foyer done – which means pulling up hardwood, old ceramic tile, asbestos vinyl tiles under first of 2 layers of subfloor etc. etc. We thought we lost a cat in the process (I found her this morning hiding in the basement rafters). Living through renovations is hell – add 8 cats means it’s hellish beyond words. Anyhoo, I came across the portfolio of interior stylist Claire Brody and I thought this was just what I needed. A ray of sunshine while I’m holed up in my bedroom waiting for the dust and chaos to end. Happy Friday!

I’ll put up my hand and admit it. I love everything by Lyon-based design duo Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin of Maison Hand. I’m such a fan girl that I’d sneak into their showroom and secretly live there. I promise I won’t take over this apartment in Ainay is the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon though. That would be creepy. Living in the boutique is another thing 😉

And one a little taste of a couple more projects just because…

Ainay apartment photography by Felix Forest.

More from MEME

Posted on Fri, 19 Feb 2016 by midcenturyjo

It seems this week that Kim and I have been travelling the same design path. Our focus has been on fabulous Australian design. This East St Kilda House by Melbourne-based interior design and architectural practice MEME is yet another stellar example. Clean, modern lines with a palette of whites and greys warmed by wood. The recurring arch motive references the building’s original Spanish Mission style with new windows and doors in black steel adding another layer to the link. Tactile, robust but strikingly contemporary.

Concrete House

Posted on Thu, 18 Feb 2016 by KiM

The Concrete House by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design is a stunning modern masterpiece that may be made of concrete but is far from cold and harsh (the cozy furnishings sure do help). Composed of 2 longitudinal zones located to north & south of an east west spine – living spaces to the north and sleeping/utility spaces to the south, Concrete House utilises vertical connections and void spaces to provide strong visual connections between levels. Formally simple, lofty and airy, the main spaces are reminiscent of mid century modernist material and compositional qualities (particularly Brazilian modernism). The client, a builder and specialist in masonry was keen to utilise a concrete and stone palette externally. These materials along with a generous utilisation of naturally finished timber became the determining elements of both the houses’ architecture and interior. These provide a series of haptic textures that effect a powerful contrast against the smooth and more polished nature of glass and steel. Photos: Derek Swalwell