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Posted on Tue, 1 Mar 2016 by midcenturyjo

I’m stalking in Stockholm. An apartment with those old Swedish building bones we all salivate over. You know… tall windows allowing light to stream in, double doors to fling open as you progress from room to room. It’s missing the traditional kakelugn stove but there is a bath tub in the bedroom (in case you need more than the usual white tiled Swedish apartment shower room), a walk-in closet and a terrace. Link here while it lasts via Eklund Stockholm New York.

I want to do pleated drapes like the ones shown in the dining/kitchen shot in an apartment I'm renovating. The windows pictured are high, but mine are 13-14 feet tall. At home, I have windows that are 12 feet tall and it's difficult to pull the drapes closed. Do I need to install those pulley systems? I want to be able to have the curtains open completely, or closed completely. Any suggestions?

Peggy says:

OMG!!! I need the sofa in the first pic. Any idea whi designed that?

Paul says:

Peggy: that's the Ploum sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Peggy says:

Thank you Paul! 🙂

Despina says:

@Taste of France: Don't laugh at my suggestion, it's something my mother and others who live at high-ceiling houses (there are a lot of such houses where I live!). It's something like a long (plastic / metal) stick with a "fork" (something like a V) at the end. You hold it up and move the curtains where you want! Practical and cheap! 🙂

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