A kitchen remodel in white

Posted on Mon, 21 Mar 2016 by KiM

Yet another brilliant remodel by Studio McGee. This one I am completely envious of. This kitchen is so bright and the timeless and the attention to detail is spot on. Brass accents bring it to another level of fabulousness. I am envious of the space – to fit an island with bar stools, a little entryway to store shoes and coats, a built-in desk area and laundry! OMG! My kitchen is the size of the average bathroom. Yes, this kitchen would be a dream come true. 

I have seen many such blogs where the white decor style gains a lot of awe and appreciation. Personally, I love it too but I think what if I get bored of so much of "whiteness" after some time. Haha. I mean I do like this and it is so contemporary and beautifully done. The white and golden combination of colors of course never gets old. But I am more of a color bound person, like the pink flowers, the green plants in these images caught my attention more. I like these designs when home interior designers share on their blogs and videos. But I can't live with it. Lol. 😀

Jackie Oliver says:

I am in love with this kitchen! The white is so beautiful, and the gold accents are just amazing! The gold against the white is so elegant, it lightens up the whole room! The light floors are also really pretty, and accent the cabinets very nicely.

Logan Brown says:

Who ever the company is that did this kitchen remodel is an artist!

Dan Brown says:

This is a great post. I really like the trend towards warm metals like brass. I think people got scared of it with good reason in the '80's and '90's but this updated take on brass is really a great and timeless look. I think the metals really need a good contrast to look good. Brass on oak got a little tired. Brass on white or some other color? Timeless.

Royston Glass says:

There is something special about a white kitchen and this one is no exception, it looks amazing, well done to who did this.

3Style Kitchens says:

I love this kitchen, it is clean, bright and smacks of quality.

RedoMyKitchen says:

Like many others, I also find the brass on white most striking. You really can't go wrong with white (or barstools, a personal favorite). Practical, efficient, and well done.

Sarah Murray Weichert Realtors says:

Is the fridge in this a custom cabinet? I love the white! white kitchens are amazing!

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