For the love of plants…and anything green

Posted on Sun, 27 Mar 2016 by KiM

Happy Easter everyone! This holiday weekend for some of us signifies spring and welcoming warmer weather and some green outside. I found this location home on jj Locations and thought this was the perfect time to share it. Apparently someone loves plants even more than I do. This home is filled with them and it is absolutely beautiful with tons of artwork and accents of green to bring it all together into a cohesive spring-y vibe. I adore every bit of this Victorian house – it gives off so much positive energy. I think I’ll move into the kitchen.

rose says:

What a cheerful house! And I adore the tile floor in the entry/hallway.

ALAIN says:

Un subtil mélange plein de délicatesse et de douceur.
Un style très aérien jusque dans les accrochages .Un bel exercice …

yusuf erdem says:

Hi, does anyone know what kind of plant in the second pic

ohHolland says:

Scrumptious! Love everything, but must single out the art as died-and-gone-to-heaven.

Kelly says:

2 differnent types of plant Yusuf. The ones ar the back and at the bottom are asparagus ferns but I do not know what the big one hanging up at the front top is.

Axie says:

yusuf, it looks like a species of Rhipsalis.

yusuf erdem says:

thank you Kelly and Axie

lea says:

Love everything in this, the artwork, the shelving, the books, the CHAIRS, the lighting, the colours green. oh and the plants 🙂 my new favourite.

Chichi Furniture says:

Wow, I love the ultra modern feel, mixed with the more flamboyant additions such as chandeliers, ornate mirrors and the French style sofa, the fabulous rugs add texture and warmth.

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