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Posted on Fri, 1 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

Lynda Gardener

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating your existing bathroom it’s easy to pin pictures and fill a virtual file to overflowing with ideas and wishlists. I know. I’m guilty as charged. After many years and a few false starts we will (fingers crossed) start our own family bathroom renovation over the next few weeks. Sleek and über cool or vintage and earthy? As you can see from my inspiration pictures I’m leaning very heavily towards a vintage, scandi, boho, black and white but maybe with a touch of sleek modern. Surprise, surprise. Our bathroom will be in the old stables at the back of our 150 year old house because a) it is a lovely old room with painted brick and a small fireplace and b) that is where a lot of the existing plumbing is, making it a cheaper job. I promise to take photos as the job progresses.

DISC Interiors


Norris & Pip

Zachary Leung via Remodelista

Carlos Mota



Lynda Gardener again

and again Lynda Gardener

and finally 47 Park Avenue minus the deer head

Here are a few old (and a tad blurry) photos of the room when we first moved in. It was a man cave back then but now it’s more of a dressing room as that is the existing bathroom where Mickey is sitting.

Inspiration is just the first part. There are plans to be drawn up and builders to be found and then a squillion decisions to be made. There are tiles to choose. Vanity or pedestal sink, yay or nay. Shower screens and toilets. Bathtub or no. Brass or chrome or coloured… maybe black. Mirrors, sconces, storage, towel racks, toothbrush holders, on and on it goes. Wish me luck as I track down all the pieces I need for my perfect bathing sanctuary. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Jessica Helgerson

Richard Smith Architect

Sarah Sherman Samuel


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d of dogland says:

Ooooh, lucky you! Looks like you've got good bones to work with. I'm looking forward to your pics with a bit of wistful wishing I could do the same. I love a good Vintage Boho, Modern mix. Best of luck with the project!

Axie says:

The thought of renovating a room sounds so exciting. But if all the material decisions, building, and hiring of work people weren't enough to intimidate me, the squillions (love that word) of choices gives me shivers! Good luck, Jo, looking forward to pics!

Sarah says: for tiles. I'm in love and plan to use when we build our new old house in the bush. Enjoy the process and i look forward to pics.

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