Saturday get-together

Posted on Sat, 2 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

Saturdays are for leisurely get-togethers with friends. Breakfast and a large cup of coffee to get the body in gear. (You know that Aussies can’t function without their cappuccino, flat white or latte fix in the morning.) Late brunch because last night went on a little too long. Even a cocktail hour wind down after a long day of doing nothing much. I’d love if this espresso and cocktail bar was just down the road from my gaff. I’d certainly be on a first name basis with the staff. Love the marble hex tile creeping up the exposed brick wall and the reclaimed brass shelving designed to look like a bar cart suspended from the ceiling. Holborn Grind, London by Biasol: Design Studio.

Gabriella says:

Oh my, this spot looks like the best kind of place to hang out!

Sparky says:

I would like to understand what a "flat white" is. I heard that ordered in New Zealand, too, but did not know what it is. ;o)

Haley says:

I stayed in the hotel next to this coffee shop last spring. I was so excited to study there in the afternoon but they play music at super high volume. So, indeed fun and beautiful design but unfortunately, not a great place to hang out!

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