A colourful and unique New York apartment

Posted on Wed, 6 Apr 2016 by KiM

Sometimes I like to blog the untouchable, the unthinkable. Because most of us cannot afford a $16.75 million dollar three bedroom, three bathroom, 7 fireplace, 4,700 sq ft apartment in Central Park West formerly owned by Judy Garland. This home was decorated by Sasha Bikoff for her mom (who recently passed away). Colour, sparkle and pattern seemed to have been high on the priority list here, creating a lavish, decadent home that you either love, or hate.

Jared Hayden says:

I love it. It's like Auntie Mame on psilocybin taking Over The Top to a whole new level.

ohHolland says:

The small rustic stools amid all that Opulence-with-a-capital-Opulent must have a story … ? They're like Where's Waldo, scattered throughout.

Loads of grandeur to both love and disdain, but all in all the impact is irresistible. One thing that touched me is the polka dot steps up to the sofa for the little dog. A touch of kindness for an animal is always the loveliest of furnishings.

Moyra says:

Exquisite! Its nice to know that even the super rich don't have enough space for books and shove them on top of an unreachable shelf (pic 4). The adorable little seating area off the kitchen would entice any one to hang up their coat and linger. Thank you for sharing.

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