Ilaria Miani

Posted on Fri, 8 Apr 2016 by KiM

Taking an old structure and, restoring the beautiful original details while giving it an eccentric modern vibe in the decor is something I gravitate towards and I am doing with my own home. Rome based interior designer Ilaria Miani takes this to another level with her spaces. Miani’s passion for restoring abandoned farmhouses, palaces and villages is inspired first and foremost by the building itself. A bit of colored plaster still holding onto a crumbling wall; a stone niche carved by ancient hands; or the sagging massive wooden beams that once supported an existence that has long since faded are her starting points. Tiles are handcrafted of clay and baked in nearby kilns; tables and beds are forged with the same hammers that have been used for generations; and chairs carved by carpenters using ancient tools. The landscape too, informs and inspires. Whether it is the rolling hills of Tuscany, the gentle waters of a Venetian canal or the cobbled streets of Rome, Miani’s treatments speak the same language, evoking and reinterpreting a timeless language. While Miani’s creations are rooted in the past, they are very much a thing of the present. Her own designs – modern, sleek and colorful – encompass every detail of her projects. From the chairs and the lamps to the forks and the linens, the effortless casual sophistication that has become her trademark, creates a uniquely cohesive whole.

Akash Bisht says:

nice article

Deepak thakur says:

It’s really nice. The designs looking very great and homemade. Thanks for sharing

Ronan CLOSSET says:

Those pictures are really inspiring !

James Nathan says:

Wow! really awesome

aftabseo says:

live pictures which inspired every one.

Ruchi singh says:

beautiful architecture. wow home offers an attractive blue water view. it awesome

herlino says:

great info…

Sourav Patel says:

Thanks for this post.

Orameffees1951 says:

Those pictures are really inspiring ! The designs looking very great and homemade great info…

Harpreet Singh says:

Thanks for this post, great pictures

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