Posted on Thu, 14 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

So much to see. So much to touch, to turn over, to stroke. I would be the most rude of guests fidgeting in my seat, jumping up to flick through a book, pick up a trinket, open a box, to take in the beauty. Somehow I don’t think the owner of this Birmingham, Alabama home, interior designer, artist and neo-traditionalist William McLure would mind too much. I think maximalists love to display their treasures and to have others secretly covet them. I know I do 😉

I'm a bit of a minimalist but do find that collections begin to creep into my home and then I have to edit. I LOVE these beautiful things and the way they are so carefully curated and arranged. When things are arranged this beautifully the room is a joy to be in!

Lex M says:

It looks like an interior decorator deity accidentally spilled a mystical ginger jar full of nature and global artwork and decided to let it be. Wonderful interior!

Haley says:

Haha @Jason. Thank you for that I spy game. There is one in almost every shot!

Suzanne Melton says:

White sofa + dog = not so much

(White sofa + removable fabric) + dog = LOVE!

Brilliant idea.

Moyra says:

Books below the bed, below the table, on the hearth, books everywhere, you would think they could afford a bookcase!

JM says:

LOVE that sofa with contrasting outer and cushion fabrics!

ombia says:

Ha,ha the books do indeed wonder around.
I wonder where this poeple live? No place for living, working, eating among all thaht stuff. No place for a cup of coffee, a peace of cake or a laptop.

Kelly says:

There is a lot going on but the colours in the room are quite soothing. And I love the couch with the contrasting seat and patterns on the cushions!

Deb says:

Is that a dead tortoise under the coffee table? Seriously? Or is it alive and just wandered off to the fireplace and propped itself up to shield the owner from wayward sparks?

Betsy says:

I love this. And all your posts. But this is humanity. Books, beautiful objects. And still room for a cup of coffee.
This is not truly maximal. Look at the Estee Lauder ads from the 70's, Barbara Streisand's home from that time
period. Clutter is not this. Then it was truly clutter look.
I do look forward to Chair Porn, my fav! Chairs are so important!
And here is to a New Year of beautiful looks and designs. Making yourself comfortable and at home in your environment.
No matter what the budget!

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