Eclectic clients breed unconventional spaces

Posted on Mon, 18 Apr 2016 by KiM

When the folks of cityhomeCOLLECTIVE were asked by their quirky clients (whom they had sold this house to) for help with decorating their living room, dining room and patio, they went all out. I freaking love every bit of this transformation. GO BOLD OR GO HOME! The theme was sharp, but creative…nothing too precious. A game of indoor/outdoor basketball is as common as a glass of wine in the open air. We went to work in attempting to mirror this eclectic gang’s vibe with bold colors and textures: a hot pink and grey chair in silk and bouclé (think: Chanel suit), black walls with gold metallic niches, a teal over-dyed rug, and rich green, velvet floor-to-ceiling curtains. A thousand statement details that amalgamated flawlessly. Ever aware of the importance of juxtaposing pieces, we employed graphic black and white wallpaper and brass accents, and used green and pink neon rods to create a piece above the dining table. And–in what would eventually become a bit of an obsession for us as the project progressed–we got pillows. Pillows on pillows, and the crazier the better (ie. Bill Murray in a general’s coat). Outside it’s just as funky and totally awesome. 

Make sure you spot the dog before going further 🙂

OMG I love the rabbit art! 

Gratuitous awesome hairdo photo 🙂

wwax says:

I love this space. I love the little touches of the light fittings looking like space ships against the light saber effect on the wall, not sure if that's intentional but I love the idea of a classy geek space & may run with this idea in my own house. I love the drama of the black feature walls.

Jason says:

Loved it!! And not a eames chair Tom ford book or books stack in colour in sight! Thank god!

Adam says:

Amen Jason So many boring houses get featured on design sites just because they own 3 eames chairs, like okay we get it.

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