The Dreamcatcher

Posted on Sun, 24 Apr 2016 by KiM

After discovering the website of The Dreamcatcher, I am ready to pack my bags, skip work this week and hop on a plane to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This vegetarian B&B is all kinds of bohemian vintage awesomeness and would be such a delightful and cozy getaway from life’s monotonous realities…like WEEK FOUR of my foyer being painted/wallpapered. *SHOOT ME* (Photos: Ayasha + Christina)

Claire says:

Ewww… to me it just looks like a bunch rooms of misplaced junk. I can usually find something I like, but in this case it's only the tree in the last photo.

Sis says:

Thanks for showing us this calm, comfortable and beautifully different B & B. The atmosphere is soothing. Lots of eye-candy, texture everywhere. Interesting chairs and tables. I would love to go there.

Axie says:

Very relaxed, homey and comfortable. I love it- especially that photo of the tile and lamp!
I did find it interesting that it is in a gated community with security guards..

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