A beachside getaway in Portugal

Posted on Mon, 2 May 2016 by midcenturyjo

Is it the end of the weekend already? Another working week stretches before us and I’m daydreaming of a beachside getaway to help me make it through until next weekend. Let’s escape to Alentejo Beach House, a contemporary villa rental near Comporta on the beautiful Alentejo coast in Portugal. Three independent bungalows with beautiful ocean views and a communal main house for dining and socialising. Oh the sunsets and the sand and the water and the rolling dunes! Oh the fabulous Portuguese food and wine! Oh is it really a new working week already! Alentejo Beach House another hand-picked piece of paradise via Welcome Beyond.

Hier würde ich gerne Urlaub machen. Paradies! Aber leider zu teuer!

Jared Hayden says:

Lovely architecture, but where's the beach?

wwax says:

Architecturally interesting, but I'd be so sad with all that lovely light & hardly any windows & no shade to sit in on the porch on a hot summers day. It does have the look of a ruined old stone cottage sitting in a field, with the chunk of roof & doors "missing".

Shils Holmers says:

The link provided in the post explains that this "Beachside Getaway" is actually 15 minutes away from a beach (probably more).

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