Upper West Side Apartment

Posted on Fri, 6 May 2016 by midcenturyjo

“Sleek and minimal with a limited colour palette” could be design-speak for “hard and lifeless” but not with this NY apartment by 1100 Architect. Accents of wood and jute with layering of textures create a warm, modern home. Anyone else go weak at the knees for walls of steel and glass windows?

Photography by Nikolas Koenig

Fiona Dorse says:

What a lovely tranquil and enjoyable environment you have created for your family.

Peggy says:

Yes this place is gorgeous. I sm drooling. I don't usually feel envios of money, but today I do. I am in love with the perfection here. Something I strive for, but cannot achieve.

ombia says:

Amazing place and amazing architecture.

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