Posted on Thu, 12 May 2016 by KiM

Some time ago I received 2 sets of table legs from an awesome Swedish company called Prettypegs to make some tables from. I was really excited about this for a couple of reasons. First, finding cute/cool table legs is a serious pain. Second, my husband (Daff Design) has gotten into wood-working over the past couple of years and this was a great excuse to get him to make me some tables, because there are never enough tables! It took an embarrassingly long time to organize this project but I am stoked to say my tables materialized and they are DAMN FINE if I do say so myself. The first set of legs I picked out are the August legs (perfect height for coffee/side tables or sideboards). I went with the teak/blue finish but now I see they have an ash/black combo that would have been ideal in my grey room. YAY for options! The saffron yellow is gorgeous too if you’re looking for some spunky colour. 

Turns out my husband made the table top out of hemlock which I don’t love with the teak legs so I may paint the teak part black or dark grey eventually. Regardless I LOVE this! These legs are fantastic and have a funky Scandi modern vibe. It is now a table that houses this rather large plant next to my sofa. 

(The hanging light is the Aim pendant by the Bouroullec brothers for Flos, the kilim pillow is from the Third World Bazaar, the ferals have scratched the crap out of my leather sofa and we have yet to purchase and install trim since our floors were refinished because the projects in this house are never-ending so don’t look too closely)

I also picked out the Estelle legs in black ash/brass that are the perfect height for desks, kitchen tables and in my case, console/sofa tables. These come in 6 finishes but I think the black/brass combo I chose is my favourite. A few of my cats are always hanging out in my windows watching the birds and squirrels so I thought this was a great opportunity to make a table that fits right under the windows in my living room at the front of the house. We went to a local wood supply shop and I found the most incredible piece of spalted maple that had distinct black patterns and some worm holes. The table looks amazing, the cats love it and now I have a new spot to house some of my plants. 

(Cowhide is from eBay, the faux fur stool is from Homesense, the leather and wood chair is from Green Light District, the Jieldé lamp I bought off a DTI follower, and the clay vase is by le lou ula, walls are painted Downpipe by Farrow & Ball)

Thank you Prettypegs!

Peggy says:

I need you and your husband to come to my place! I love these tables, seems like you've been doing a lot of work. When can we expect a full tour? No pressure. 🙂

Peggy says:

P.s. Aren't you using your new sofa?

Axie says:

I think I'm going to have to get several sets of these, as the hairpin legs I have now on my sofa table aren't too sturdy. And I hate the legs on my sofa! What a great find- so creative and original- how did no one think of these before?

KiM says:

@Peggy – The work is ENDLESS! A tour to come whenever any single room actually gets completed. As for the sofa, it turns out buyins a sofa completely wrapped in wool was a really dumb idea with 8 cats so it was moved up to the 3rd floor library (currently funriture dumping ground) and we'll use it there (it has a door that can close it off). I was sad to see it leave the living room but I don't want it ruined.
@Axie – they have amazing styles and colour choices. Do it!

Suzanne Melton says:

"…because the projects in this house are never-ending so don't look too closely." Uh, every corner in every room of our house.

Could the small tabletop be stained the match the legs? The chair across the room has that reddish teak look, too.

You could also "wash" the tabletop with a light turquoise to contrast with the legs.

KiM says:

@Suzanne – there's no way I'm staining that gorgeous piece of hemlock orange, or any other colour 🙂

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