A love letter

Posted on Tue, 24 May 2016 by midcenturyjo

Dear Simpson Jacoby Architecture,

I just wanted to pen a short note to let you know how much I love your work on this old house. Sympathetic, stylish, simple and soft. Love the colour palette, the whitewashed floors, the kitchen and the restored, sinuous stairs rising to that dark and moody studio office. Love how your client has filled it gently and thoughtfully with their possessions and how you knew it would be just so. Love it all.



Annie says:

Yep, I'd move in there in a heartbeat. Lovely.

Blanders says:

I look at the gas burners in the kitchen and think, "You can't put a saucepan on the right-hand burners without the handle getting in the way. That's just bad design."

Clearly there's something wrong with me.

Moyra says:

I love the coil of rope in the moody office! So… thought provoking. It reminded me of a time when I worked in an office that had a rope coiled and tied to a desk leg. We had to use it to climb out the window down onto a roof should we have a bomb scare! Wow, I love the thoughts your picks provide! Thanks

Melanie says:


Lucy says:

YES! I have loved this house since I first saw that empire chandelier gracefully hanging in its kitchen. I've oogled that kitchen on my pinterest page as I've decorated my victorian rowhome and it inspired me to scour the internet to find two emprie chandeliers of my own. But I've never seen the whole house! It does not disappoint. Such excitement this morning 🙂

Rae says:

Just a post script on your love letter … Yum! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

agnes says:

I am enraptured by this solid wooden table to eat at.

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