Scandinavian summerhouse in Sydney

Posted on Tue, 24 May 2016 by midcenturyjo

Welcome to the wonderful home of Mr.Fräg, a wonderful scandi oasis of wood and white and fabulous furniture. Except it’s not in any Scandinavian country. No it’s in an apartment in Sydney, Australia and Mr.Fräg is Frag Woodall, an industrial designer whose recently debuted at Milan Design week.

Peggy says:

All the houses are starting to look the same to me on this blog. How about some color?

KiM says:

Peggy honey, you will get colourful houses on here when we find them. Unfortunately alot of people are doing white these days and colourful homes are few and far between. I think you know Jo and I well enough after all these years to know that we aren't purposely hunting down white houses to feature. And on that note, tomorrow I'll be blogging part of my house so you know THAT AIN'T WHITE 🙂 (and stay tuned for that because it's something you suggested the other day I already had in the works)

Peggy says:

Hi Kim, didn't mean to sound so bitchy. Can't wait to see tomorrow's post. 🙂

lucia says:

i love this!

Megan says:

I just died and went to heaven…BEAUTIFUL!

ombia says:

"Unfortunately alot of people are doing white these days and colourful homes are few and far between."

Fortunately it is so, otherwiese half of the readers would not be here 🙂

Daniel says:

Could you tell me where the bath hardware is sourced?

Lise Sofie says:

I love this home!! Can you tell me where the faucet in the shower is from? Thank you 🙂

KiM says:

Sorry folks but we don't know the sources of the bathroom fixtures.

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