New art (again) in my living room

Posted on Wed, 25 May 2016 by KiM

I had been trying to find a large piece of art for over my sofa for months and months and could not find anything that really shouted “BUY ME I’M PERFECT” or that wasn’t bank-breaking since my taste in art changes frequently. I had a photo printed on canvas as seen in this post and had no where to hang it but over my sofa in the living room (also seen here when I received a new sofa) which made me realize how badly I needed something BIG and BOLD and DARK because I am enjoying my monochromatic dark grey theme I have going in there. When I spotted this photo randomly on Instagram I fell in love. Now I generally hate art behind glass because glare makes me nutty and taking a decent photo of it can be difficult. I did some searching for options on printing photos (the photographer Amanda emailed me a high-res copy of the photo to have printed myself since she lives in Bali and I’m in Canada) and came up with printing it on photoboard (1/4″ thick, dense white material). Posterjack is based in Toronto and offered this at a really good price considering I decided to go 40″x40″. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post. I came up with this all by myself. 🙂 Because my husband is a very handy guy who is into woodworking, I asked him to fabricate a frame for the photo to make it look more weighty and less poster-y. The result is exactly what I was after. I think it is a dramatic addition to the space. It is in keeping with my dark theme, will not irritate me when I try and photograph it, the printing turned out fantastic and sharp, and the frame was exactly what I wanted. BOOM. 

(Sources for just about everything are in this post. Sadly the cats would not leave the new wool covered sectional sofa alone so it is now up in our 3rd floor storage-supposed-to-be-library space awaiting that transformation and the old sofa with 999 claw marks is back.)

nicole says:

I love it! mysterious, but so beautiful.

KiM says:

thanks nicole!

DebraKim1956 says:

I really love the room this way.

Much prefer the leather sofa (whatever its condition) in this space to the sofa in the other post! Gives the room a more laid back 60s vibe.

And the picture pulls it all together.

christa says:

Great image and I like how you've placed it. The leather couch looks perfect, so good with the rug and pillows. As far as I'm concerned the more beat it is, the better it looks.

Cathy says:

The art is mesmerizing! What a great choice for the room.

b says:

High contrast photo. The window is light the room dark. You're about grades of light and dark not hues.
Interesting. But I also like the controversy of your other art wall scheme as well.

Ruth says:

Nice! I can't stand glare either. I'm thinking of printing a large scale photo onto metal or ceramic at Your kitty finally has art to look at!

KiM says:

Thanks DB1956, Cathy, b and Ruth!

ombia says:

I already commented on insta. It si beautiful! And the woman in the picture remindes of you.

About the sofa and cats,I do have wool sofa and never ever cut their nails. They learned not to destroy it. I used a water gun toy for couple of weeks. Curtains are also left alone, they molest their 2,40 meter huge cat tree.

Romesh says:

Really wonderful looking. I am going to buy such kind of piece for my lovely house too. Thanks for the post.

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