The perfect apartment in Barcelona

Posted on Sun, 5 Jun 2016 by KiM

Yes, that’s right. I am claiming this to be the PERFECT apartment. It is so perfect that I was thinking about listing off all of the elements that make it perfect and realized that the list would be a mile long. So all I will say is I am blown away, and YASSSSSS!!!!! Via Nuevo Estilo. Interior design: Marta Castellano. Architect: Serrat-Tort

Becca says:

Mannnnn! This is so beautiful! Literally my dram home, and in one of my favourite cities too! xx

Lucie says:

I looooove the wooden tables, all of them, the dining one, the coffee table, the desk and chairs, they are so so beautiful and authentic!

Inga says:

The sofa in the livingroom is my dream sofa!! Does anyone know if it is a Gervasoni?

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