A library to envy

Posted on Tue, 7 Jun 2016 by KiM

My third floor ‘loft’ room, since we moved in, was a feral cat rescue sanctuary/junk room and continues to be so as other projects around the house take priority. When I came across this library/garage space I nearly had a stoke. What an amazing space to hang out, enjoy peace and quiet and read a book. I would even consider taking up yoga if I could do it with all that room to move and those views! By Ziegler Antonin Architecte.  


Ms. Ainee C. Beland says:

Wow, so many books; really a 'private library'. I recently closed my library card since those employed at libraries exist to mock a person such as I; it is done in all aspect of my existence; so closing my library card does not change anything; I mean it does not make them stop hurting me. I used to think the same when I would quit a job that somehow, it would fold; but not true as life goes on and perhaps better without my presence. A library to perhaps envy but not so. Thank you for sharing.

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