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Posted on Fri, 24 Jun 2016 by KiM

I was approached recently by Garaga, a Canadian manufacturer of garage doors, who offered me a brand new garage door of my choice. I was elated, as garage doors have always been a bone of contention with me. Here in Ottawa builders always install cheap, run of the mill garage doors on houses and you are guaranteed to see this on every house in the suburbs in particular. Something that has rattled my cage for as long as I can remember is how much I hate that most homes have garages that are set forward from the rest of the house so it is ALL you see. Yet no one seems to put any thought into the design of their garage doors. My current home is located in an old neighbourhood (1940’s) and most garages are detached and located in the backyard at the end of a long driveway. Lucky for me because my garage is a bit of an eyesore. It really needs to be re-built one day as it is in rough shape and leaning to one side which is why I turned down the offer of a brand new garage door (soooo bummed). It would just look ridiculous. I will however absolutely take Garaga up on that offer when I have a new garage. 🙂

To show you why I am so bummed, here are samples of some of the fantastic garage doors they have designed, starting with some modern ones…. 

And some with a bit more of a traditional/country look

I wanted to also reference a couple of new designs Garaga recently launched:

This one is called the Prestige. An elegant and sophisticated option. 

This is the Vog. Sleek and contemporary and a bit more minimal than most doors. Download this brochure for more info, and check out this link for their 4 new designs. 

Their website is really great – it lets you select all of the different options to build your own door, has a large image gallery, offers a free quote and provides locations of all of the dealers in your area. Around these parts there is Ram Overhead Doors in Ottawa and Domac Garage Doors in Gatineau in case you want to go get yourself one! And on that note, if you do decide to get yourself a new garage door, send me before and after photos and I will share them on the blog!


This post is in partnership with Garaga. All opinions are my own. 

Rachel says:

Well, these garage doors are perfect for the home safety. I like these designs and structure.

Emilu says:

All these designs are perfect for homes. I really like it.

Paul says:

Great article! Very good images of garage doors!

Erika Brady says:

These are doors are so gorgeous! I have been needing to replace my garage door for a while now but just keep putting it off. I mostly can't settle what color to get. Sometimes the stark contrast look is just too good to pass up, but it is also so bold.

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