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Posted on Mon, 18 Jul 2016 by KiM

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net, or hashtag your photos #DTIpetsonfurniture. Thanks!

Thinking deep doggy thoughts…#dtipetsonfurniture

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This is Cuca, my 8 months old Portuguese pointer, happily laying on the couch, her favourite spot to take a nap in the living room.
– Helena (Porto, Portugal)

Our Tucker Pup would love to be included. This picture was taken this year right after we adopted him. He was 3 months old and had already been in three homes before ours. His favorite things are pillows and his ball. We live in Laguna Niguel, CA and are happy to say he is here to stay.
– Jean 

Fourth of July brought me a new leather Living Room set as well as a new coffee table to enjoy.  Fourth of July also brought my daughter to visit with the Exotic Shorthair babies Penny (Black from USA) and Lucian (Silver Tabby from Russia) who wanted to show how much they enjoy the new furniture as well.
– Pat (New Jersey) 

Here is one I took the other day when I was doing some re-arranging in the living room. I had just hung a gorgeous painting a reader from Singapore named Angela had shipped to me a little while ago, and Bernie happened to be laying in my Green Light District chair right under the painting so I had to snap a photo. Not only is it always the cats’ favourite corner, now it is mine too. 

And on a bit of a side note, there is a stray cat named Domino whom I have been visiting twice a day on my way to and from work for several months now. He is taken care of in his neighbourhood in Little Italy but no one will give him a proper home, so he lives in someone’s front yard garden (I have seen him in this area for years). I am hoping someone will offer to get him neutered and finally provide him a home so I thought I would post a video I put up on Instagram here since no one has come forward wanting to save him. He deserves a home because he is the sweetest, most loving cat. 

Bernadette says:

I hope the kitty finds a home soon! Thank you for trying so hard and giving him attention he deserves.

All the animals are adorable and the homes are lovely. Cuca reminds me a little of my GSP. Those paws are so big – he's going to be a big boy!

axie says:

Love them all! But cats on a new leather sofa.. yikes!

Susanne says:

Awww so nice of you to care for Domino AND try to find him a good home! I sure hope this helps 🙂

kelly says:

Hi Kim,
I admire all of the work you've done to help homeless animals. I'd be happy to pay for the neutering if that would help you to find him a home.
please let me know how i can help

ombia says:

Domino is so beautiful and has an amazing character.
Thank you Kim for beins his friend. I would take him asap, but Europe is little bit too far away.

KiM says:

OMG kelly that is so kind of you!!! I am speechless. Regardless if we find Domino a home or not I would like to at least ensure he visits a vet and is neutered. I'll be in touch! XOXOXOXOXO

Thanks Bernadette, Susanne and Ombia 🙂

axie says:

Kim, do you still have the donate link? I don't see it for some reason, but I too would like to help.

KiM says:

Thank you so much for wanting to help axie! I did not set anything up because I wasn't planning on getting involved in this rescue. I will keep you posted though because with how this is going so far I may need to get involved and at least take Domino to the vet and get him neutered.

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