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A kitchen by Black Lacquer Design

Posted on Tue, 12 Jul 2016 by KiM

This stunning kitchen has totally made my day. I am often faced with frustration when my husband and I cannot pass each other in our kitchen without knocking something over/stepping on toes and this kitchen is soooo roomy. The mint green cabinet colour is adorable, and paired with that gorgeous encaustic tile floor, brass accents, double doors streaming in light, an office and bar area (what I would use it for anyway)….it has EVERYTHING. By Black Lacquer Design. (Check out a previous feature here).

Studio Munroe

Posted on Tue, 12 Jul 2016 by KiM

A mix of colour and pattern makes for fun, energizing spaces and San Francisco based Emilie Munroe of Studio Munroe achieves just that in her designs as seen in this sampling from her portfolio. “Packing a punch” in a major way.

Castle and Cubby

Posted on Tue, 12 Jul 2016 by midcenturyjo

We call it a cubby in Australia. A children’s playhouse usually knocked together by your dad in the backyard, cobbled together with whatever is to hand or, if your lucky in kit form from a hardware store. But my cubbies were never as much fun as these beauties from Melbourne- based Castle and Cubby. How cute! A farmer’s market stall or a beach hut. Made from recycled materials no two are ever the same. For sale in all sorts of configurations or you can rent them for a party. OK , OK I promise I’ll go back to grown-up spaces in my next post. I just couldn’t resist all the cuteness.

An apartment by Make Sense Studio

Posted on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 by KiM

I am featuring this apartment in Madrid because it is fantastically eclectic, and because OMG WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT PINK SOFA!!!!! I thought I was through with liking anything pink but oh dear gawd this sofa is just the yummiest thing I have ever seen. Kudos to Make Sense Studio for creating a beautiful living room with my new favourite sofa, and the rest of the apartment is pretty awesome too. As featured in Nuevo Estilo

Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 by KiM

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net, or hashtag your photos #DTIpetsonfurniture. Thanks!

It has been a while since my last “Monday’s pets on furniture” mail and I would love to introduce you to my new balcony (in Berlin), my pets’ favorite chair and my mini zoo. My zoo’s members are Clooney, the puggle, Kinski, a blue mink tonkinese cat, Page, my Spanish rescue cat and my current Spanish foster dog Coco. (He’s my fourth foster and it’s so much fun to introduce them to a life outside a cage.) They’re all such posers!
– Andrea  

Attached is another picture of my cat Gary (10) doing what he does best…lazing.. on my Rob Parry chair.
– Nicola (NZ)

Attached is a pic of our large Boxer “Bill” completely sacked out across the divide of the chair and ottoman.
– Tony (Portland, Oregon) 

Mazzy is a 1 year old stray who showed up mid-May and had 6 kittens two and a half weeks later. She is on the bed watching over her 4 week old brood. 
– Lisa (Fort Worth, Texas)

I grabbed my camera last night while getting this post ready so I could participate too. Here is what I managed to snap: Mimin presiding over the sofa, Felix doing some bird watching and former feral Bernie hanging out under the vintage tulip dining chairs instead of on them.