A Haussmannian apartment in Bordeaux

Posted on Wed, 10 Aug 2016 by KiM

I really don’t know how the French manage to be so damn chic all the time! This Haussmannian apartment in Bordeaux, France was formerly offices and architect Daphné Serrado worked some magic to transform it into an absolutely decadent residential space filled with original features that are drop-dead gorgeous. She also designed most of the new elements such as the kitchen, library, office, bathrooms. The classic old and the modern new work so well in contrast with each other. 

Jared Hayden says:

Ooh la la! Très sophistiqué et séduisant!

jennym says:

i agree with ToF. the space doesn't feel inviting. when i look through the photos i'm struck by the stunning beauty of the apartment itself, but feel the interior design is intellectual, not sensual or aesthetic. with the exception of the living room, there aren't many rooms i would want to languish in. and if i had the money to buy such an apartment in paris, i would want to be enveloped in welcoming warmth & gloriousness. (i find the zebra skin in the dining room très déclassé.)

TRDesign says:

Great bones, of course. Yet must agree with ToF!

ohHolland says:

Agree with TofF, TRDesign and especially jennym for calling out the zebra rug. How can killing, skinning and making into a rug zebras be anybody's idea of good design? Only those with no heart or conscience.

Anna L says:

I like this. Pared down cabinetry and blocks of color, without detracting from the original architectural details. Interesting lighting. Practical and functional with a hint of humor. Very livable. For those of us who do their own cleaning or have pets or kids or busy lives, this environment looks easy to maintain. In particular I like the bedroom. Perhaps the dining area is "a work in progress" as it seems stark in comparison to the rest of the apartment. I hope the zebra is a print rather than a real skin.

Peggy says:

Hey Kim, how about some of those lamps? Drool.

Anna L says:

Love Caboche lamp with its big beads. Always amused by Ingo Maurer. Noticed the fixture over the dining table is made up of knives, forks and spoons! That might inspire a diy project.

Moyra says:

Thank you for sharing! What a fantastic home! Rich colours, innovative lighting, efficient kitchen, sophisticated bathroom, lovely library and that ghost chair with bowler hat, umbrella and shoes to make you giggle. This place is bang on and as a bonus, easy to maintain. Refreshing!

Betsy says:

The sword of Damocles is hanging over their heads in every room.
You can't get your spirit around it.
The opulence (and art!) of the lighting fixtures needs to be brought down.
No art on the walls.
The bedroom is a disaster.

anna says:

I completely disagree with others. I think the apartment looks amazing. It's modern and it look rich. I am just confused about one thing – the shower is in the bathroom and close to it there is wooden floor? How does that match?

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