A Victorian period home in London

Posted on Sun, 21 Aug 2016 by KiM

It isn’t often that a home is so beautiful it practically has me in tears. This is one of those homes. This very large, 4 story Victorian home in London has been furnished with junk shop, auction and eBay finds. The kind of finds you can’t find anywhere around the Ottawa area, and the kind I imagine salivating over if I ever have the opportunity to visit London, or Paris, or any other city with unimaginably fantastic flea markets. Welcome to my dream home, courtesy of the one and only, Shoot Factory

Moyra says:

A house wearing Faberge. Exquisite!

Peggy says:

Omg the sofas!

Annie says:

The doors, curtains, lights. What a house!.

Sarah says:


Melanie says:

Hmmmm. I'll have to get back to you.

lea says:

I'm glad there was a bed in the last photo, otherwise just a house of chairs…mind you I LOVE chairs 🙂

Brioke says:

Wow, does anyone know the name of the dining table chairs? I have two I picked up at a garage sale and I want to restore them but want to do some research. Thanks for the post. I loved the dog too!

Lynn says:

absolutely stunning

and what is not to love about a painted floor

just beyond beautiful

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