A French apartment?

Posted on Tue, 13 Sep 2016 by midcenturyjo

There is a certain French flair to this apartment, that look you know straight away, an easy sophistication… except it’s not in some chic Paris arrondissement but in Warsaw. So stylish, so elegant, so… well… Paris meets Poland. By Warsaw-based design firm Colombe.

The kitchen is wonderful, but I hope they have something to protect that wallpaper from splatters.

Blanders says:

If you look carefully, ToF, you'll see that they have panels of perspex over the wallpaper. You can see the reflections and the black plastic lugs that cover the screws.

I love that kitchen/dining room. The custom cabinetry gives it an opulent feel, especially where the traditional style is augmented with that spare modernist steel framing and perspex panels.

From the evidence of the kitchen, bedroom and living room, it seems someone has access to a master cabinetmaker.

xyz says:

Not completely my style (animal print), but what a fantastic off-white on the wall! Old-looking, with patina, ideal for this apartment. What is the colour or paint brand?

Jared Hayden says:

I'm so enamored with this space. I saw it on another site a few weeks back (different photos), and keep returning to it. It's one of those rare domestic interiors that achieves a near perfect balance and individuality–wit and elan without feeling contrived or "designed". I don't think there's one thing I'd change.

msd0fb says:

I can't believe it. An amazing space with all my favourite ceiling lights. It is nice to know that they will all go together in my own turn of the century (19th) home. If I can ever afford them. LOL Please, anyone, is there a lighting knockoff heaven??????

axie says:

Very unique. I especially like that doughnut thing over the fireplace!

Chris says:

Beautiful selections in lighting- and, that glimpse of Malachite wall covering in the powder room(?) is tantalizing! What a great creative space!

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