Accents in pink (again) by Peter Wilds

Posted on Fri, 16 Sep 2016 by KiM

Earlier this week I featured an apartment by Peter Wilds that had a gorgeous pink accent wall and had a decidedly feminine flair to it. This apartment speaks to the same feminine vibe with ethnic and modern furniture mixed together, some glam bits and of course, accents in pink. It’s gorgeous, bright and inviting. Even if you are not a chick. 🙂 (Photos: Janis Nicolay)

Peggy says:

Aaaaaah! I could live there! So gorgeous, soft and with nust the right amount of edge! And pink, ahhhh. I need that pink pouf. So many other things I need as well. Like the KidRobot collection on the dining table.

Mileena says:

Does anyone know the title of the triology of pink books on the tree stump side table?

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