Redo Home + Design

Posted on Thu, 29 Sep 2016 by KiM

Mitzi Maynard + Lori Paranjape + Andria Fromm + Olivia Carswell + Clare Kennedy + Lauren Debello + Megan Holt are the talented ladies from Nashville behind Redo Home + Design. Spaces that pack a punch with lots of bright white, bits of bold colour added in perfect amounts, graphic artwork adding drama…an overall chic and sophisticated vibe with a casual note. First 5 photos are extra yummy, and OMG above is taking #shelfie love to the next level!!

leslie says:


Jennifer says:

Every room is just fabulous! Simple and elegant without being fussy.

kim says:

humm….the edge of that cow hide is under the vanity's foot. how does that work?

Ruth says:


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