CLOTH & KIND update

Posted on Fri, 30 Sep 2016 by KiM

Come on in, kick your shoes off, grab a cozy blanket and get settled into that chair or the corner of that sofa and I will pour you a glass of wine. Relax and prepare yourself for today’s dose of eye candy care of CLOTH & KIND. This is where interior design magic happens. (P.S. Magic happened here and here too)

axie says:

Lovely, every room. Are these all of the same house? The architecture looks like it, but 2 kitchens?

KiM says:

@axie it's a few projects combined in this post

axie says:

Well then I love them all!

Josh says:

Wow. Those are some beautiful rooms. Even the bathrooms are so desirable. I wish I could sleep in some of those bathrooms. That would be so cool.

Lauren says:

I would love to find the star lights that you show in the bedroom and reading nook.

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