My guest bedroom makeover

Posted on Tue, 8 Nov 2016 by KiM

It has been a while since I got around to decorating my guest bedroom and I finally found some time to snap some photos so I can share it with you. This room is annoyingly small (10’x8.5′) so it fits nothing really but our old queen size bed and a couple of small furniture items. I am tempted to do what the next door neighbours did and rip out the wall between it and the master bedroom and make an ensuite….maybe one day when I win the lottery. In the meantime if anyone wants to stay over, we have a proper bedroom setup which we did not have in our tiny previous 2 bedroom (1 bedroom plus dressing room/closet) house. As for the decor, after working on most of the other rooms in the house I came to realize that I had a bunch of things I had carted back with me from one of my many winter vacations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that did not have homes. Thus resulting in this Mexican theme space! At the end of the post I will list sources, but just about all of it are Mexico mementos. This room was a great excuse to try one of the new Farrow & ball colours – Inchyra Blue which I used on the ceiling and opposing walls to create a canopy effect. I LOVE this incredible blue/teal/grey shade and how cocooning painting those 3 walls are without going dark all over (I have enough dark rooms in this house already). I highly recommend this colour for anyone looking for something unique that is dark but not too dark. And as I have come to expect from F&B colours, it has chameleon tendencies and changes drastically depending on the amount of light.  

I had to share a photo of the incredible patterns this light makes when it’s on. So pretty!!

(Felix LOVES the rug/bed cover)

From Mexico: wool rug on floor and on bed, everything on walls, otomi pillow, blanket on Panton chair, trinkets on nightstand except blue pots, shells on window ledge
Vintage: metal nightstand, Panton chair, fabric used as curtains, plant stand
Moroccan wedding blanket: a wedding gift from Jo
Pendant light: Wunderkammer 
White lamp on nightstand: HighJinx 
Pillow on chair: VdeV 

suzanne says:

love that first shot, and how you painted the walls. inspiring!
wonder who the first lucky guest will be. thanks for sharing, kim.

Annie says:

That lamp shade is amazing!. I think I would lie in that gorgeous space for hours just staring at the ceiling. The colour is beautiful. I wish I was brave enough to step away from the usual whites / creams. Sigh.

KiM says:

Thanks everyone! XOXO

homestilo says:

I always love a glass doorknob.
And I also like the Day of the Dead inspired wall- an unexpected element.

ombia says:

Beautiful wall colour. I would LOVE to spend a night there with Felix!!!!

Sophia says:

Really love that you painted the ceiling the same color as the wall! And those books on the floor with the plant on top, such a cool detail! Wouldn't have thought of that.

Bev65 says:

Maybe leave some room for your guests to put their things? Everything is lovely but a little room on the bedside table would be nice. Just saying

KiM says:

@homestilo – Thx! all the doorknobs in my house are glass. SO GORG!!!
@ombia – Felix would LOVE that 🙂
@Sophia – Thanks!
@Bev65 – There's decor for photos, and then there's decor for real life. This is decor for photos. 🙂

Stephanie says:

Wow, Kim. I LOVE everything about this! The canopy effect is perfect for this small space. It's cozy yet airy.

Jen says:

That canopy painting effect is so great- how clever!

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