Traditional with a bohemian edge

Posted on Thu, 15 Dec 2016 by KiM

New York interior designer Katie Leede has managed to bring traditional and bohemian chic together in this home and create something so dynamic, lush, and welcoming. I have looked through these photos so many times, finding new and unexpected details with each pass. Lots of colour, wonderful textures and patterns are what Katie is all about, carefully curated together with beautiful art and antiques.

Melanie says:

Wonderful! Reminds me of a "World of Interiors" spread. Which is to say it doesn't look designed at all. Looks like rooms that are the result of a lifetime of collecting, accumulating, curating things that are loved for themselves, not because they fit into a larger design scheme. Very personal, idiosyncratic, eccentric even. Kudos to Katie Leede.

Moyra says:

There is something magical about this beautiful home with it's painted furniture, colourful walls and textiles. The jewel like colours and the adorable little dog are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

loulou ste-adele says:

Fantastic interior. A refreshing sight after all the cookie-cutter bland interiors we see so (too) often. Thank you for this post.

Beth says:

This may be my favorite of all time. Those wallpapers!

xavier says:

So many interesting objects, lovely house

Lisa T. says:

I'd like to think that if I had an unlimited budget, that my home would look like this! 😀

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