A home with antiques and vintage finds

Posted on Tue, 20 Dec 2016 by KiM

I adore this home featured in Nuevo Estilo. When each piece has a history and tells a story, when they all come together in a beautifully and thoughtfully curated way that I just want to melt into each space. I would love to know what stories the chesterfield above could tell….

Rae says:

Wow! This is inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

Debby says:

Love everything about this! Character galore without going overboard.

Amor says:

Hi Kim!

Definitely an informative post you shared with us. Loved this one! Keep posting!
Thanks a lot for sharing!

atma says:

The Sofa: Cats! So. many. cats.

Melanie says:

I especially love the last pic-the powder room.

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