Landscaping dreams by Considered Design Inc.

Posted on Thu, 9 Feb 2017 by KiM

People all over Instagram are talking about the arrival of spring, something we here in godforsaken Ottawa cannot even begin to think about at least until the end of March. While wanting to curl up under a duvet and die, I stumbled upon the portfolio of Julian Pattison and Alison Magill who make up Considered Design Inc., a landscape architecture firm located in Vancouver (which happens to have WAY milder weather than Ottawa…JERKS!). I like my landscaping modern and simple, with repetition and a casual vibe. And that is exactly what these guys do. I would give anything to turn my bland-and-never-been-landscaped-in-80-years backyard into this first outdoor oasis. Stashing this away for future reference. *LOVE*

Erin says:

That dog took one look at Cinderella wondering when Prince Charming was going to rock up with her glass slippers and nearly wet its pants on the lawn laughing.

Anna L says:

Good to see some inspiration for shade, with the ferns and modern hardscape. I am desperate for spring. Enough with the cold. I want to lie in the grass and sunbathe like the dog in the photo.

Tracey says:

I feel your pain – I live in Montreal!! Beautiful landscaping!

Alicja G. says:

Is it really one and the same space? As if it was at leat 4 gardens presented. To say LOVE IT is not enough..

KiM says:

@Erin – LOL!!!!
@Anna + Tracey – maybe if we all wish hard enough for spring it will come soon!
@Alicja – Yes it's a sample of a bunch of their projects. The first 6 or 7 are from one project.

Sparky says:

Lovely landscaping, indeed. So glad to have company in my feelings about winter. I'm itching to workout the new landscaping around the cottage I just had moved to my back yard on Wednesday!

Thanks for featuring our little company! Glad you like our work.

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