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Posted on Mon, 20 Feb 2017 by midcenturyjo

OK I’ll fess up. I missed this house on my recent forays into local real estate listings until a fellow stalker sent me a link. Am I glad she did! Favourite Sydney suburb Redfern? Tick. Terrace house renovation? Tick. Great art collection? Tick. Cool mix of old and new? Tick. Polished plaster walls that must feel amazing on a stinking hot day? Tick. Link here while it lasts.

Tina says:

Who doesn't love a toilet right off the meals area! Look, I understand it is expensive to renovate these terrace houses and difficult to knock through thick walls to alter the floorplan, but really I am tired of seeing these houses where they have spent a fortune on fittings and fitouts, but not given any thought to layout!

There are 4 upstairs bedrooms all sharing one bathroom and downstairs there are 3 eating areas (dining, meals and stools at island bench) with a small living room and aforementioned toilet/shower next to the kitchen table!

That said, it IS very beautiful!

I like all the art. It's a really beautiful place. I really love the outdoor space.

BPH says:

Only two bathrooms for a FOUR bedroom house with only only one located on the bedroom level? And the other one very poorly situated. Deal breaker.

K-Line says:

I didn't notice any of the things that Tina did (gotta go back and look at the pics again). I was just wowed by the decor, which is perfect from my vantage point…

saoirse says:

the light above the island, can anyone tell me the name of this please?

midcenturyjo says:

Saoirse it looks like a Phasmida by Christopher Boots. You can vary the size and finish.

saoirse says:

It is indeed, thank you so much, have checked out the link, lots of beautiful work there, thank you

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