Fiona Duke and dark spaces done proper

Posted on Thu, 13 Apr 2017 by KiM

My heart will always be with the dark and dramatic, so I was pleased as punch to discover someone shares my passion for moody, inky shades. Fiona Duke is an interior designer based in Essex, U.K. and I love her eclectic, casual style. I discovered several of these fabulous photos are of her own home so she’s designing and living in awesomeness. 

Thank you SO much to the lovely KiM for this wonderful feature. So grateful for such kind words 🙂

Ruth says:


Chris says:

Would love to know the paint colour in the lounge room wall with the zebra print

Rick says:

Hello, beautiful and very skilful use of dark colours. Love it! Have you any views/tips on using F&B Eating Room Red in a large dining room, please?

roger h doan says:

Please let me know where I can buy the reading lights
Thank you

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