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Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 24 Apr 2017 by KiM

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net, or hashtag your photos #DTIpetsonfurniture.

beginnings….. I love a little quiet in this corner before the day gets going…… plus…
I had to post a pic with bens fresh haircut…..Our groomer moved away…so we had to find a new one.
when I asked if I could stay with him ……. she politely said…..
“it’s better if you don’t. You have to be brave for Ben.” Wow….. how did she know I’m a neurotic Dog Mama…?
She was right…. I had to brave….…..I was so anxious about leaving him… but….
he did great….. when I went to pick him up he was doodling around with 4 sweet puppies…all looking up and jumping around him…..
adorable. not saying he loved it… 
in fact….he was out that door lightening fast…. but he did it. : ). here we are… Wednesday….
Oh my…
May it be a good one friends.. processed in @adobe lightroom with mm27 DramaMid from the Make Magic Collection.

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Yup… he’s one crazy fur baby!! 🐶💗.. #cockapoo #weeklyfluff

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Morning ✨🐈… #cosy #corner #bedroom #cat #interiordesign #interior4all #whiteinterior #tulips

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Happy #NationalPetDay from #DraperKitty! #sharemywestelm

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Sooooooo cozy. #highjinxshopcats #highjinx #meow #🐈 #catlife #ottawa

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She does not like people working on her roof on Saturday’s! #dtipetsonfurniture #roofrepair #scardeycat

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Our sweet cat Nero napping in Edinburgh, Scotland. We just got him from a rescue centre and found out he has chronic kidney disease. Not with us for a long time but we’ll make sure it’s a good time.
– Danielle 

The pretty kitty with a very relaxed pose is Stella. The curled up pup in the background is Maud.
– Elliot (Indiana) 

I found Lummi 10 years ago on an island by the same name in the pacific north west. Maisie was found roaming alone in downtown Chicago where we live and moved in last year 🙂
– Irina (Chicago)

here is a pic of Jarvis, a Russian Blue mongrel relaxing at home in Paddington, Sydney.
– Sarah

Pet’s name: Alcor
Owner name: Marco
Description: Obviously, it’s Monday Morning. 🙂

Monday dreams

Posted on Mon, 24 Apr 2017 by KiM

Mondays are all about wondering where the weekend went, all about pressing the snooze button over and over until you’re late, all about surreptitiously sipping on a takeaway coffee cup on the train to work. Mondays are all about dreaming of endless days at the seaside, of the perfect beach house. Blue and white and washed out neutrals, rattan and driftwood and sand and green glass. Mondays are about working for the man so that maybe one day your dream house will look just like this one by Blackband Design.

Old-world elegance meets vintage in Madrid

Posted on Sun, 23 Apr 2017 by KiM

I am completely in love with this renovated 19th century apartment in Madrid. The original architectural details including exposed beams and brickwork alone have me about to pass out, let alone the fact that this space is furnished with a wonderful random assortment of antique/vintage pieces. That chandelier over the dining table is especially scrumptious. Ana Cabellos and Elisa Fernández of La Traviesa de Conde Duque worked some magic here. Via Nuevo Estilo.   

Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 22 Apr 2017 by midcenturyjo

It’s like I say week after week. If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend it helps if it’s somewhere stylish and if you’re your own boss in your own small business and use coworking spaces then even better! After all it makes little difference complaining to the boss about working conditions if the boss is you. WeWork in Sydney designed by TomMarkHenry.

Carroll Gardens by Tamara Eaton

Posted on Fri, 21 Apr 2017 by midcenturyjo

NYC based designer Tamara Eaton does not follow trends so her interiors are often eclectic and unexpected. This home with its traditional details in a loft-like setting is unpredictable, but then add in Tamara’s unique assortment of styles in the decor and you have something that is whimsical yet sophisticated.  

(A few more features of her work can be found here, here and here)