A renovated terrace home in Paddington

Posted on Mon, 22 May 2017 by KiM

I am forever in awe of architects who are willing to maintain original features in a refurbishment whilst modernizing the structure. This narrow terrace home in Paddington, Sydney is absolutely gorgeous and has impeccable attention to detail. The little workspace nook built out of the side of the kitchen cabinet is brilliant, and I adore the skylights over the kitchen and the narrow display nooks among the upper cabinets (a great idea if you are trying to squeeze Ikea cabinets into a space that just don’t fit). A sleek, chic and fabulous home. Kudos to Tom Ferguson (TFAD) on a superb project. 
P.S. I am short on pets on furniture entries tso hopefully it will be back next Monday. Send your entries to me @ kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net or hashtag in IG with #dtipetsonfurniture.

(see more of Tom’s work here, here, here and here)

Ruth says:

Kim, thank you for praising the architect! Sometimes they are the unsung heroes. I could speak forever about all the unseen ways they promote success and prevent disasters. The photography is also awesome. Love the compositions, especially of the light fixture with the stairway pic, and the balance of light and dark. Nice project!

loulou ste-adele says:

I love this place. So well thought of. Brilliant even. Love love.

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