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Posted on Sun, 4 Jun 2017 by KiM

I received some really great books recently that I wanted to share with you today (I LOVE BOOKS!!!) and I didn’t think I could ever get excited about light bulbs, but it happened!

I will start with a book by Sara Emslie, a London-based interiors stylist and writer, called Urban Pioneer with photos by Benjamin Edwards and published by my favourite Ryland Peters & Small

The book features incredible interiors that take their inspiration from industrial design. It provides an in-depth look at twelve inspiring homes that were originally non-residential and have since been converted. Exposed brick, copper piping, bare roof trusses, concrete floors…all the elements of industrial spaces that make my heart skip a beat. I adore this book and am adding it to my coffee table pile. 

The next book is called Miniature Moss Gardens: Create Your Own Japanese Container Gardens by Megumi Oshima and Hideshi Mimura from Tuttle Publishing.

I have always been fascinated with moss and would love to fill my entire property with it…and coincidentally I recently renamed my foster cat Moss (from Maurice), so yes, this book is a must-have for my library and yours if you love gardening and plants. This book shares lots of interesting facts about moss and instructions on care and maintenance, making a kokedama (i didn’t know what that was – !!!!), moss bonsais, moss tray landscapes and terrariums. I am going to devour this book this summer and see if I can come up with some creations for my home. Lots of beautiful photos can be found throughout this book too. Another great read. (Find it on Amazon here

And last but not least, I received a wonderful treat of some really awesome designer light bulbs. I am SO GLAD to have discovered Globe Electric, a company that originated in Montreal (yay Canadian success story!). They carry all kinds of lighting products as you can see here on Wayfair. We had an email chat and found some products I could try out – namely some light bulbs and extension cord. First let me show you the light bulbs they sent me that I could not be more excited about.

This is their Crystalina bulb and it is the most beautiful bulb I have ever seen. I had purchased gold-tip globe bulbs for my kitchen pendant on Amazon a few months ago and was disappointed with them but never got around to finding replacements. These are what I was waiting for, and are absolutely perfect for any bare bulb fixture. 

YAAAASSSS!!!! I freaking love it, and it looks even more beautiful in the evening. 

I also received the Squirrel Cage Electric light bulb that is like an Edison bulb for my vintage “stripper pole” light in my living room. These are classic bulbs that look fantastic in any fixture where you may see the bulb peeking through the shade. 

They also sent me a not-your-average extension cord that I pan to use on a project I am hoping to finally complete one of these days. Cute extension cords are a must if you have it laying out in view and this one has such a great looking fabric cover. And lastly a Diamante bulb was included in my package. I can’t wait to find a simple, small lamp base to use for this. 

P.S. As a bonus their packaging is spot-on. 

Awesome pictures! I need too get that Urban Pioneer book, thanks!

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