How Ashley Hicks magically transformed his rental apartment

Posted on Wed, 7 Jun 2017 by KiM

Low ceilings, beige wall-to-wall carpet, plain doors, ugly windows, a grim kitchen….living in a rental isn’t easy but designer Ashley Hicks certainly worked magic with his rental apartment. Graphic paint treatment on the walls, a photo transparency covering an ugly window, upholstery nails fancying up doors, paint details on cheap linen roller blinds, pendant lights made from copper and black paint, a handmade screen using a map of London to hide another ugly window, red vinyl and striped webbing used to spruce up a hallway, and the list goes on. Ashley may have spent a ton of time and energy transforming his apartment and customizing every square inch but the result is incredibly unique and dynamic and clearly well worth it. 

Beth says:

Wonderful! I love the color!

Barb says:

Perhaps one of your best exposures in a long time.
Yes, many can create a beautiful interior design with an unlimited budget. Mr. Hicks , however, shows how one with 'more dash than cash ' can create
An exquisite design with his invariably,good taste and talent.
Keep throwing these kind of bones . 'Design on a Dime' is where most of us are right now….in the real world. Hungry for more.

John says:

The Stuff that author has written in the blog, Appreciated and nice pics.


loulou ste-adele says:

Totally agree with Barb in her comment. I love when a post depicts a real place not staged for sale or cold surgical places. Spaces sometimes difficult to adapt to our needs and individual tastes are really inspiring.

Lisa T. says:

Wow, fabulous and unique. Way to DIY with imagination and skill!!!

JANICE says:

Amazingly thought out and executed. What a treat! Thanks for sharing!

Dana says:

Gorgeous and inspirational!

ombia says:

I wonder if all those window decoration steals a big part of a daylight?

Johno says:

Inspired. Truly witty and beguiling. I visit regularly but rarely comment– but I simply had to chime in and add my raves to the ones already here. This is design that is nurishment for my imagination. Thank you for sharing this I am in love.

ca says:

absolutely one of the best homes on here. Thank you for showing how a little bit (okay a lot) of talent can transform a place for a little money. You are amazing. Hope to see more of your work soon.

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