The garden of landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith

Posted on Tue, 25 Jul 2017 by KiM

I typically love structured gardens but holy smokes the property of British landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith is absolutely beautiful and has a magical quality to it. The Barn Garden at Serge Hill is about 25 miles north of London. It has been created by Tom and his family over the last 25 years and is periodically open for groups by appointment. The garden is part work in progress (as all gardens are), part experiment; a bit new and messy in some places and getting quite middle aged in others. It is very much a home and not a show garden. If there is one idea that holds it together it is about trying to anchor a place, about creating a focus for living in a landscape that is slowly losing its weave and detail.

Ruth says:

Beautifully relaxed. Thank you. In my inspiration file!

Teez says:

This is the stuff of fairytales with garden gnomes and little elves living here.

Elle says:

Fantastic! I wish I was there right now! LOVE

Lulu says:

Wow! I loved all of it!

ombia says:


Great pictures!! Especially the photo of the sun peaking through the trees.

Reading from Ontario, Canada

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