A London residence by Kingston Lafferty Design

Posted on Wed, 2 Aug 2017 by KiM

I am a huge fan of the unique, eclectic style of Dublin-based interior architecture and design firm Kingston Lafferty. This project is filled with random awesomeness, including glimpses into a dreamy kitchen. The brief was to create a cooking/dining experience that felt like a buzzing restaurant. The aim of the kitchen/dining area design is to add some excitement, fun and design flair within the existing walls of the house. Photos: Barbara Corsico

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Lulu says:

There were a lot of features I loved but not the potrack? Really? Potracks are ugly and tacky no matter whose house they're in. And then to hang plants with the pots was even tackier. Thanks.

Beth says:

Love the color of the kitchen cabinets with the copper pots. Love the potrack. Love the floral sofa, but please add lots more art on the walls in that room in addition to the flamingo picture. Love the stunning blue bookshelf with the red chair, the plants and the yellow lampshades. Fresh and fun!

atma says:

And I love that while it's so modern, whimsical and colourful it still manages to be a little elegant and the ceilings get to be white!

ombia says:

I love this kitchen.

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