An art deco apartment by Allison Lind

Posted on Thu, 21 Sep 2017 by KiM

I spotted this apartment by Seattle and New York based interior designer Allison Lind and had to share because it is bold, colourful, and glamourous with a fabulously posh art deco vibe. I am completely in love with the bedroom. Helloooooo crushed velvet bed!! Gold accents throughout add sparkle, and I’m impressed that she’s combined 2 wallpapers in the small living room. Now that’s ballsy!

Jill Catrinel says:

All those gorgeous pieces and colors!!! It would be a dream to follow her around on a shopping trip. I had a bit of a sibling rivalry with Art Deco growing up, b/c I was all about Art Nouveau and my brother was team Deco, so now that that's long passed I'm getting obsessed with Deco. This apartment is just magnificent!

Christine says:

I am so happy you had the urge to share… This is beautiful! I absolutely love the colours – and those wallpapers do work together! I could not help to imagine living there, and I feel I would have to dress glamorously everyday minute of the day. And have my hair done right, too, otherwise I feel I would disappoint my apartment. It would not judge me, but it would sigh and the colours might fade just a bit, which would be heartbreaking.

I'll dream of the appropriate outfits, now.

KiM says:

@Jill – I'm glad to hear you've switched to art deco. It's one of my favourite styles.
@Christine – TOTALLY!! My typical hang-at-home attire of sweatpants and tech conference t-shirts would for sure disappoint. And I'd be walking behind the cats armed with a vacuum because I don't think cat fur would suit this place either.

Priscilla Lynch says:

Absolutely gorgeous. And the best accessory for an Art Deco apartment is the Chrysler Building out the window.

Emmanuelle C. says:

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun! It's a really, really playful, chic and happy place! Wonderful! Congratulations!

axie says:

Priscilla Lynch – Exactly!

xavier says:

Beautiful home decoration

Holland says:

Luxe! Think I hear Cole Porter songs wafting through the rooms. Seeing these images prompts me to ask of myself: Why hold back?!?

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