The curse of orange knotty pine walls

Posted on Mon, 25 Sep 2017 by midcenturyjo

Whenever I’ve been asked what to do with ugly orange-stained knotty pine walls or ceilings I have always had one answer… paint them, paint it all! Sometimes you can’t. You could be renting, you might not have the money or the time to invest in such a big job. Then I came across this log cabin styled by Susan Burns and it was an epiphany. The knotty pine walls and ceilings are the perfect foil for the white furniture and soft furnishings. OK the brick fireplace and some of the floors have been painted but the often overpowering orange wood has definitely been softened by what I’m calling the “white within”. A pretty solution don’t you think?

Holland says:

Knotty, but nice ; )

ombia says:

I am still for paint them!

Charmaine says:

I quite like white washed wood walls. It makes everything lovely and pale and clean, but the wood texture can still be seen through the wash of white paint.

Janelle says:

Not usually a fan of knotty pine but do I love this. Not crazy about the kitchen but I think it all works.

Jane says:

Anyone who would paint these walls are complete morons. Please just sell your home and buy a already white walled house instead of ruining a totally maintainence free structure. With these walls you never have to spend money on paint again! These walls can take anything that kids, pets, and husbands can dish out. Just swiiffer them occasionally. A rag with a little Murphy’s oil soap will get grease or stains off. All this painted wood is just tacky as sin unless you have a million dollar magazine home which let’s just face it most of us do not. Ladies if you want color in you house please do what the author suggests and just buy white/colored furniture and leave them maintenance free walls. Every 10 years you could take a vacation with the savings from not having to paint.

mary neumann says:

You are so right! I learned this the hard way.

Hi Jane, I was just curious… do you feel the same way about whitewashing yellow/orange knotty pine?

Stacy says:

Well Janes an asshole… very rude and aggressive. Not saying I disagree with her just why can’t you put your ideas out there without so much venom?

She said what she wanted to say in the manner she wished to say it. You will probably never like everything everyone says. Just like other people will probably not care about how you want them to say things. It’s ok, though. The world is still spinning.

Kris says:

What kind of floors are in the living room and bedroom (texture and color)? I want to do this in my home! Totally inspired by this:)

KiM says:

I would guess they’re the original floorboards and a coat of white paint

Kris says:

Probably so. Just trying to figure out how to recreate it. We have carpet that needs to go.

KiM says:

Hopefully you have decent floorboards under the carpet. Get some decent porch & floor paint, slap some coats on and you’re done.

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Sherry Andrus says:

LOVE the kitchen cabinet color … could you tell me what color that is?

midcenturyjo says:

Sorry Sherry we don’t know.

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