Reader’s home – Jessica’s condo in Pennsylvania

Posted on Wed, 4 Oct 2017 by KiM

Jessica has sent over a few submissions to my Monday’s pets on furniture series lately of her dog Drava and has also kindly shared her condo that she has lovingly renovated and decorated, and shares with pooch and husband Marc. She cracked me up during our email convo, particularly when she used the phrase “balling on a budget”. LOL! Here is some info from Jessica: It can be best described as a labor of love, which has gradually evolved over the past 15 years.  Located in a small Western Pennsylvania town (West Middlesex), it was a study in the late 80s – early 90s……replete with multi patterned wall paper, borders, contractor cabinetry, and flat carpeting.  And since it is a small footprint (approximately 1600 square feet), I had to select a color palette which flowed from one area to the next.  I utilized various “pops of color” throughout the space, to achieve interest.  If I had to describe my taste, it would be light, airy, frothy, and oceanic……with Scandinavian and Midcentury Modern furnishings. I love this, especially the accents of blue and turquoise throughout the condo, those sweet dining chairs and the modernized bathroom. PLus, Jessica worked her ass off – including refinishing all of the kitchen cabinets herself, removing wallpaper that didn’t want to let go, and sanding and painting every inch of “oak” trim (which took every evening over an entire winter). Must point out too that Drava looks quite at home. Thanks Jessica!

Andrea says:

Any house with a Vizsla in it is stylish!!

Dianne says:

Jessica has done a beautiful job…'s so fresh looking. But I almost choked on "small footprint" at 1600 sq.ft.! Not so in Vancouver!

axie says:

"Wallpaper that didn't want to let go" I can certainly sympathize with that! Beautiful home, thanks for sharing Jessica (and Drava!)

Jennifer says:

Just lovely! Cozy and modern at the same time. The dog is adorable too! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

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