A conversion with endless potential

Posted on Sun, 12 Nov 2017 by KiM

Though this home is not really furnished I had to share because I have been dreaming about living in a rough, industrial, loft-like home for at least the past 20 years. Nothing like this exists in Ottawa so I can keep dreaming but if someone has £1,995,000 and is looking for something in London to put your stamp on, scoop this one up! Never mind that it looks like rats were eating the kitchen cupboards, and the painted floorboards are a bit rough…this 3 bedroom, 2,000 sq ft over 4 floors conversion from furniture-restoration workshops built in 1905 has SUCH AMAZING BONES. AH MAH GAWD!!! Listing here via The Modern House.

Dorothy says:

I love this, love it. As I fantasize about living in it, I imagine I would have the discipline to keep the space as open as possible, because the space is so special. I wouldn't have the discipline to do that, of course, or the offer price, but I believe I would spend most of my time in the front bedroom of the upper floor with that wonderful light.

Heather says:

I have two blocked up fire places in my apartment and I dream of opening them up and installing little wood stoves like they have done here.

Cathy says:

So, so very beautiful. Thank you for posting.

Christine says:

Now this is actual design porn, with pictures so suggestive of all the things you could do to it! Oh my how I would improve that kitchen! I'll be fantasizing all day! I concur with Dorothy: you would have to do very little to it, but it would be soooooo hard to restrain oneself. Good thing I am penniless and live on another continent.

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