A gothic glam industrial loft

Posted on Tue, 21 Nov 2017 by KiM

Glam + gothic + industrial + loft = this amazing space in Los Angeles by BAM Design Lab (Barbie Palomino & Annie May). This loft is super sexy and grungy with some of the coolest wallpapers I have ever seen. I could totally live here as my city pad and then have a house in the country for all my lighter and brighter decor. Anyone else on the fence about all-over-tufted sofas? I love/hate/love/hate. But here it works so damn well. 

Lulu says:

Sorry, the only thing I liked were the fresh cut flowers. Glad to see those!

axie says:

Tufted sofas- if you have pets, kids or are just a messy couch eater while watching the tube, those indents gather all kinds of little goodies. Unless you want to vacuum often..

Love the lamp in the first pic!

Suzanne Melton says:

I love everything!


Sue says:

Wow! That is gorgeous! Love the wallpaper, in every room. Very tastefully done, for goth!

Jared Hayden says:

It's a bit too Kelly Wearstler meets Morticia Addams for my own personal taste, but it's a remarkable interior.

Bettina says:

Not a happy deco style, precisely

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