Stalking a warehouse penthouse

Posted on Tue, 21 Nov 2017 by midcenturyjo

I’m stalking the heritage MacRobertson building in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. With its “industrial living with a minimalist, contemporary” bones this two floor penthouse apartment is overflowing with artworks, books and life’s little treasures. And then there’s the rooftop terrace with treetop views over the surrounding suburbs. I could see myself moving in and feeling immediately at home. As is usually the case the video gives you a much better feel of the space. Link here while it lasts.

Nitin Kumud says:

Innovative ideas.

Blanders says:

It's a fascinating building, and I wonder who lives here. A successful artist? A famous writer? A tech entrepreneur? The furniture and artworks are intriguing.

I'm also amused by the arbitrary idea that this apartment has 3 bedrooms as it is, with options to be reconfigured for up to 5. In reality it has 1 real bedroom, and a bunch of space that could easily be reconfigured to add another 6 bedrooms, by my reckoning. I'd guess the 3 – 5 figure was chosen to appeal to the intended market, not because it accurately represents the building or its potential.

And real estate agents wonder why people despise them.

Yantram Studio says:

Wow! The attention to detail is amazing!!! Very beautiful!

Lulu says:

The floors are gorgeous!

axie says:

ooohhh space!

ombia says:

Wow for Roof garden.

que nota says:

Sublime is a palace for me, the finishes all perfect, and the ones I like the most is that it gives a very relaxing environmental cessation definitely a good place to live. Unfortunately it is a house that from what I see I can not pay, but dreaming does not hurt anyone. Very good post they showed off with the details in the photos.

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